Tuesday, April 11, 2017

April 10th - April 11th

You wanna earn extra credit points?  Take this practice assessment online and print out the certificate at the end showing your score.

April 10th

Task for today: SOUNDS REVIEW PACKET  (Pages 600 - 621)

Homework:  Use the online science textbook:

page 605 (1-10)
page 611 (1-10)
page 617 (1-10)
page 621 (1-6)

Complete Sounds Review Packet if needed.

Short Assessment on Tuesday.
****** Reminder - Spring Break Assignment (USA TEST PREP) Please complete no later than Friday - It counts as a Test Grade.
April 11th 
Task for today:  Assessment on SOUNDS WAVES REVIEW PACKET - Students were allowed to use their review packet. 
Reading Assignment - Electromagnetic Waves
Electromagnetic Waves Poster - DUE FRIDAY (Choose one wave from the EM Spectrum and construct a poster about that particular wave type)  FOLLOW THE RUBRIC ON YOUR HOMEWORK HANDOUT GIVEN IN CLASS.
Waves T-SHIRT Project was due on MONDAY - April 10th You may turn it in no later than this Wednesday - April 12th.

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